Bytown Bookshop USED & RARE - BOUGHT & SOLD 2008-10-22T02:42:41Z Copyright 2008 WordPress Richard <![CDATA[A Weekend in Toronto]]> 2008-10-22T02:31:16Z 2008-10-22T02:31:16Z Tales from the Bookshop Private Presses   France and I decided to take a mini vacation to Toronto to visit with friends and attend the CBBAG Book Arts Fair.  We went down Friday morning and spent the afternoon shopping downtown (finding a beautiful hand coloured map of Norfolk from 1695) before heading out to our friends the Walkers for supper.  We had a wonderful evening as always with George and Michelle going well into the evening swapping stories and talking books. 

   We had decided to bite the bullet and get a bit nicer a room in the hotel the Book Fair was being held at and what a dandy it was!  The hotel was undergoing renovations and we managed to grab one of the newly finished rooms on the 17th floor with a gorgeous view.

Hotel Room

Hotel view

   The next morning, with France calling the shots, we ordered room service and pretended to be living the high life before heading down to the Book Fair to peddle our $5 broadsides alongside Grant and Steve at the Ottawa Press Gang table.  While our sales weren’t the greatest, we had a blast talking with binders, book artists and booklovers in general.  I also had the chance to talk for a good hour or so with Will Reuter from the Aliquando Press and picked up a number of his books for the store.  We also bumped into our friend Hugh Barclay from Thee Hellbox Press who had a new book out (of which we nabbed 3 copies).  Overall our spending well exceeded our buying, but we came home with a couple bags full of great private press books.

OPG Table

OPG gang


France at the table

   The Sunday we spent with our friends Ian and Meredith who recently had moved from Ottawa to Toronto just a couple months ago.  Their new place is great and only a stones throw from High Park which we walked through for nearly two hours (taking in the little zoo that is in the making) before retiring to their porch and chatting the afternoon away.  After a quick bite to eat, we hopped back on the bus and made our way back to Ottawa and our pups (who where kindly looked after by France’s parents for the weekend).

   All is all, a very fun and needed trip, in which I managed to polish off 2 books, before we jump back into the fray with more renovations (3 new windows installed today), preparations for the Ottawa Book Fair this weekend, and a number of other odds and ends to tidy up.  Thanks to Ceilidhe and Mike for watching over the store and having stellar sales on Sunday!

Richard <![CDATA[At it Again!]]> 2008-10-16T21:03:59Z 2008-10-16T21:03:59Z Tales from the Bookshop    Well, after a few months of being on her best behaviour, our little Wendy had a momentary lapse and decided to make confetti of a stack of recipe cards.  Maybe a statement to lobby for more baked goods?

 Wendy's mess

   If you notice the yellow debris in the middle of the mess, that would be the remnants of a highlighter which was in turn also destroyed.  However, the process of dismantling the highlighter to a near molecular level also left some heavy evidence behind as to the culprit.  Wendy was caught yellow-handed on this one!

Wendy yellowpaw

Richard <![CDATA[Goodreads]]> 2008-10-15T14:13:22Z 2008-10-15T14:13:22Z Personal Collections Items of Interest    I had been giving LibraryThing a try over the past few weeks, but had found it a bit cumbersome to add new records, at least for my purposes which is mainly to create a catalogue of books I’ve read & rank them.   So after a bit of searching for something that fit my needs a bit better, I came across Goodreads.  I found this site very intuitive and easy to use with the ability to add to your catalogue a ranked titled with a single click from search lists.  Editing the details of the title is still available should you choose, but to quickly add titles to a number of shelves (i.e. “Read”, “Currently Read”, “To Read”) I’ve not found a better site.  They also have a number of great bells and whistles to add to the sites appeal whilst cataloguing and seeing what others have read or are reading.   Best of all, the site is free! (Librarything caps your entries at 200 at which point you have to start paying membership fees.)

If you are looking for a site to track what you have been reading (or plan to read), I would highly recommend Goodreads.

Richard <![CDATA[Back from Toronto]]> 2008-10-12T20:28:25Z 2008-10-12T20:28:25Z Bookshop News Items of Interest    After coming home to 7 boxes of books (with some great stuff, believe it or not, which I’ve be pricing and putting out over the weekend) on our front porch Tuesday evening , I was off to Toronto for a conference (work work again…) the rest of the week.  I did manage to hit the BMV store just off Yonge and scored some great Ace doubles and old Ashton Clark Smith tales for only a couple dollars each.  I also manage to finally get to Spadina Road Books which has somehow eluded my book excursions in Toronto so far.  The store is absolutely beautiful with a great open layout (photo nicked from their site below) and an excellent selection.  I found a handful of books immediately and then ended up swapping stories with the owner Dan for well over an hour, nearly missing my train back.  Dan has a great selection of modern literature and a top notch collection of book history, collecting and typography.  I highly recommend checking out their booth when they are in town a couple weeks from now for the Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair

Spadina Books

Richard <![CDATA[Neil Gaiman’s new book]]> 2008-10-08T17:18:15Z 2008-10-08T17:18:15Z Items of Interest   Here is a great little article on Neil Gaiman’s new novel titled The Graveyard Book which revisits Kipling’s Jungle Book theme with a twist, the orphan in Gaiman’s book is raised by vampires, werewolves and witches.  The book was just released last week, making it a perfect title to pick up for a fun long weekend read.

Richard <![CDATA[Book Thieves Caught in Toronto]]> 2008-10-07T12:11:01Z 2008-10-07T12:11:01Z Items of Interest    A great little article from the Globe & Mail about how D&E Lake in Toronto helped nab a couple of book thieves looking to sell some very rare books which originated from Vienna.

Richard <![CDATA[The Ninth Annual Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose]]> 2008-10-03T20:27:24Z 2008-10-03T20:27:24Z Letterpress Printing Private Presses    Just catching up on a few posts after getting back from a trip to northern New Brunswick (unfortunately no bookstores in Grand Falls or Saint Quentin).  Here is a quick heads up on an upcoming Wayzgoose being held by one of Canada’s great small presses out east, Gaspereau Press.  Looks like they’ve also managed to bring in two of Canada’s most respected members of the fine/letterpress community, Wesley Bates and Jim Rimmer, to give talks as well.  Details are available on the Gaspereau Press website.


Richard <![CDATA[The 28th Annual Ottawa Book Fair]]> 2008-09-29T14:25:18Z 2008-09-29T14:25:18Z Bookshop News Book Sales and Finds    A little advanced heads-up that the Bytown Bookshop will be attending for the 3rd the Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair this year which has moved to a new location at the Hampton Inn at the corner of Coventry Road and the Vanier Parkway (map).   Details of the show below:

Ottawa Book Fair

Richard <![CDATA[Major Canadiana Collection to be Auctioned at Bloomsbury]]> 2008-09-25T20:59:13Z 2008-09-25T20:59:13Z Book Sales and Finds    The first 59 lots in Bloomsbury Auctions’ Bibliophile sale to be held in London on 2nd October, 2008 come from the historic Peter Winkworth collection of Canadiana which contained thousands of books and prints, many of which are quite rare and seldom appear on the open market.  Library and Archives Canada acquired more than 4000 works of art from Mr. Winkworth, an acquisition which represented one of the largest ever made by the Canadian Government and was testament to the quality and importance of the collection.

Richard <![CDATA[Ottawa Bookselling Past - A Challenge]]> 2008-09-20T14:47:45Z 2008-09-20T14:47:45Z Tales from the Bookshop Local Stuff    In the past I have done a few posts on finding old bookseller stickers from Ottawa, Montreal, Perth and other old towns in the area, often in relation to those who collect the books specifically for there origins.  One collector of Ottawa bookseller ephemera that I regularly enjoy conversing with on the topic came across this nice old James Durie sticker in a book from 1860 which is the oldest book in his collection that was demonstrably sold in Ottawa. 

James Durie

   This then led to the question, “What is the oldest clearly and demonstrably sold book in Ottawa/Bytown?”  Hence the challenge we put to book lovers in the Ottawa area to see if a book that was clearly sold in Ottawa can pre-date the 1860 marker set by Rod.  Feel free to send in photos of any book that you think might fit the challenge to or stop by the shop to show off the book first hand. 

   I will keep everyone posted should a new benchmark be set!